After Laser Eye Surgery

Post-op: After Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

After your Z-LASIK treatment, you’ll be free to go home almost straight away. You’ll just need to follow some simple after-care instructions, and come back for a few follow-up appointments.

Straight after your Z-LASIK surgery

After your laser eye surgery, you’ll no doubt be impatient to try out your new clearer vision. However, it’s best if you let your eyes rest and heal by going home and taking a short nap, and getting a good night’s sleep. You should avoid rubbing your eyes, and use your eye drops as instructed by your surgeon, as these will help your eyes heal.

The first few days after your Z-LASIK surgery

The next morning, your eyes should feel much better. You may still feel some slight discomfort – much like having worn contact lenses for longer than usual.

We suggest you take a day off work, and plan a light schedule for 2-3 days. It may take an additional day or two before you can resume all your normal activities. You should also avoid contact sports, as well as hot tubs and swimming pools, for a few days.

How long before you can enjoy your new, clearer vision?

Many patients experience a dramatic improvement in their vision within the first 24 hours of surgery, although it may take a few days before your vision reaches its optimum level after LASIK surgery.

Follow-up appointments

You’ll need to come back within 48 hours of your surgery, so your surgeon can make sure your eyes are healing well. Your surgeon will then want to check you 1 week and 3 months after your surgery, with any further visits arranged as necessary.

LASEK recovery

If you have undergone LASEK surgery, rather than Z-LASIK, your recovery will take a little longer, and you should plan a week off work. You’ll be given anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drops to use for two weeks, and artificial tear drops for several weeks. You’ll also be given protective eye shields to wear at night for the first week.

Recovery from laser eye surgery, and particularly Z-LASIK, is remarkably fast, and you could be enjoying clearer vision without glasses in a matter of days. Take the first step towards clearer vision today, and find out if you’re likely to be a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery.

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