Laser eye treatment

Laser eye procedure

On the Day: Your Laser Eye Treatment

On the day of your laser eye treatment, you’ll be at the hospital for around three hours, although the surgery itself will only take a few minutes.

Preparing for your laser eye treatment

Before your laser eye treatment, we’ll write to you with details of your appointment day and time, and a few ‘do's and don’ts’ that you need to be aware of. For example, you should avoid wearing make-up or perfume on the day of your treatment. You’ll also receive a detailed consent document to read prior to your surgery, which you’ll sign on the day.

Try to arrive at the hospital feeling calm and relaxed on the day of your surgery. Let us know well in advance if you have any concerns, however trivial. We want you to feel fully informed about the procedure before you arrive. Try to arrive in good time on the day too, so you don’t feel rushed.

The Z-LASIK procedure

Just before your Z-LASIK procedure, you’ll meet your surgeon again to go over your consent form, and ask any last-minute questions.

You’ll be given the option of a mild sedative if you wish, before being taken into the operating theatre. You’ll be in theatre for around 20 to 30 minutes, although the actual Z-LASIK procedure only takes around 4 minutes for each eye. The treatment isn’t painful, although you may experience some mild discomfort, or a sensation of pressure on your eye.

After your laser eye treatment

Once your laser eye treatment is complete, your eyes may feel gritty, and they may sting a little, but you shouldn’t feel any real pain or discomfort. Afterwards, you’ll be given some eye drops and simple after-care instructions, and then you’ll be free to go home. Make sure you get someone to drive you, as your vision will take a little while to settle.

You’ll also be given a list of 24-hour emergency contacts, including your surgeon’s personal home and mobile phone numbers, so you can get in touch with us easily if you have any concerns.

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