Laser eye surgery procedure

Z-LASIK procedure

The Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

You could be enjoying clearer vision sooner than you think. From your initial consultation to being able to see clearly could take as little as a few days, and you’ll only need to be at the hospital for a few hours in total. You won’t even need to stay overnight in hospital – you’ll be back home again shortly after your laser eye surgery procedure.

Pre-op: Your laser eye surgery suitability assessment

Before any treatment takes place, you’ll have a thorough consultation with one of our experienced surgeons, and a complete diagnosis of your unique vision problem. By carefully measuring your eyes, and discussing your needs and expectations in detail, we can recommend the best treatment for you.

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Treatment: The day of your LASIK procedure

On the day of your laser eye surgery procedure, you’ll be at the hospital for just a few hours, and your operation itself will take just a few minutes. LASIK is a relatively fast, painless and comfortable procedure, and chances are it’ll be over before you know it. Afterwards, it’s not unusual to experience clearer vision straight away, and most patients experience clearer vision within a few hours.

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Post-op: After your LASIK procedure

There’s no need for you to stay overnight in hospital after your laser eye surgery. In fact, you could be home within just a few hours of your LASIK procedure. You’ll find the aftercare is remarkably easy too. You’ll be given eye drops to use, and you might want to take it easy for a few days, but that’s about it. Most LASIK patients return to work after just two days. You’ll also need to come back for a few follow-up appointments, to make sure everything is going well.

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