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Advanced Wavefront Optimized Laser Technology

The best things you can buy are custom-made just for you, and laser eye surgery is no different. Just like a tailored suit, Wavefront Optimized is 100% customised to the unique anatomy of your eyes. That means you can look forward to better results than ever before from your laser eye surgery.

At Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons we now use the Alcon Wavelight Allegretto laser. This laser performs Wavefront Optimized treatments, customised to your corneal topography scan.

The human cornea is naturally aspherical (not a perfect sphere), and this means light rays meet in one point, giving sharp focus. When the cornea is too spherical it causes disturbance of the rays and inability to get sharp focus.

Older laser treatments did not allow for the aspherical nature of the cornea and when treating a patient’s vision, could cause disturbances of sight in the periphery by changing the cornea shape (making it too spherical). This could result in slightly blurry images and trouble with night vision, in particular glare and halos.

Our Wavelight Excimer Lasers compensate for your natural aspheric shape and apply more pulses in the periphery areas – the number of additional pulses depending on your individual corneal steepness. Aiming to keep the pre-op corneal shape, this achieves the desired aspheric shape post-op, resulting in better overall vision.

Precision and Safety

Wavefront Optimized lasers, like the Alcon Wavelight Allegretto laser used by Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons, offer the highest degree of precision and safety in laser eye surgery. The laser is computer-controlled, and works from the precise measurements in your unique eye profile. The results of better control over the peripheral laser means the treatment can create larger, truer optical zones, with a minimal transition zone.

There’s no need to worry about moving or looking away during your surgery either, thanks to advanced ‘eye tracking’ abilities. The laser automatically ‘locks onto’ your eye throughout the procedure, compensating for the smallest movements, and stopping instantly if your eye looks away – even for an instant.

Wavefront LASIK technology

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