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Z-LASIK: the most advanced LASIK Surgery

Now you can enjoy faster, safer and more accurate LASIK surgery than ever before, right here in Exeter. In fact, at Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons, you can get the most advanced method for vision correction by laser available anywhere – Z-LASIK.

What is Z-LASIK?

Z-LASIK is one of the most trusted and successful methods of laser eye surgery in the world. There are no scalpels or blades involved in Z-LASIK – it uses only the latest all-laser technology for a safer, more comfortable procedure, with far better results.

Find out exactly how Z-LASIK laser eye surgery works.

The Z-LASIK difference

Thanks to Z-LASIK, we can now correct the widest range of vision imperfections, including long sightedness, mild to severe short sightedness and astigmatism. Even if you were turned down for LASIK in the past, you may now be able to enjoy the benefits of laser eye surgery, with Z-LASIK from Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons.

Customised vision correction

With Z-LASIK, your vision correction is 100% tailored to your individual eyes, using measurements 25 times more precise than those for glasses or contacts.

Painless blade-free technology

Z-LASIK uses two of the most advanced lasers in the world to quickly and comfortably correct your vision, with far better results than traditional blade-LASIK.

Better results

More people achieve perfect 20/20 vision with Z-LASIK, and experience better night vision, compared with conventional LASIK.

Faster operation

The Z-LASIK operation takes just a few seconds to correct each eye, and most patients experience an immediate improvement in their vision.


The Ziemer Femtosecond laser uses precise Swiss technology and is used around the world.

Are you suitable for Z-LASIK eye surgery?

Thanks to the advanced technology behind Z-LASIK, most people are suitable for LASIK eye surgery – including many people who have been turned down in the past. Find out now if you’re likely to be a suitable candidate for Z-LASIK, or come along for a consultation with one of our surgeons and a Z-LASIK assessment.

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