Z-LASIK Vision Correction Procedure

Z-LASIK takes vision correction to new levels of precision, safety and speed. The Z-LASIK procedure is virtually painless, takes just a few minutes, and most patients experience clearer vision straight away. The advanced all-laser technology also removes the risks associated with traditional blade-LASIK.

z-lasikZ-LASIK Step 1: Creating the Z-LASIK flap

Using the world’s most advanced ‘femtolaser’, your surgeon uses ultra-short pulses of light to form a layer of microscopic bubbles at a precise depth within your cornea. This creates a flap that can be lifted back to reveal your inner cornea. There are no blades or scalpels involved – only painless laser light – and the procedure only takes around 30 seconds.

Your eye surgeon then gently lifts the flap to allow for the next step of your Z-LASIK treatment.

z-lasikZ-LASIK Step 2: Your tailored vision correction

A second laser called an ‘excimer’ laser gently re-shapes your cornea, custom-correcting your vision to the exact specifications in your unique ‘blueprint’. The advanced Wavefront optimized laser we use is incredibly fast and ultra-precise – working to within a hundredth of a millimetre, and correcting each of your eyes in just a few seconds.

When your treatment is complete, the flap is replaced where it easily ‘locks’ back into position and rapidly begins to heal. You’ll be able to open and close your eyes normally straight away, and it’s likely that you’ll see an immediate improvement in your vision.

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