Latest vision correction technology

Latest vision correction technology

Latest Vision Correction Technology

When it comes to your vision correction, you want the highest levels of safety and accuracy. That’s why Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons invests in the very latest vision correction technology, for precision diagnosis and treatment of your unique vision problem.

State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment

It’s incredibly important that your vision problem is diagnosed accurately, so that we can recommend the best treatment for you. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to measure your eyes, and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Oculus Pentacam

The Oculus Pentacam is a world-class specialist diagnostic machine which precisely measures the focusing parts of the eye - the shape and thickness of the cornea (the layer at the front of your eye). It is the most advanced and reliable diagnostic technology available for laser refractive surgery. It helps us to exclude conditions which may make laser treatment unsafe, and it is also key technology in planning refractive lens, cataract and implantable lens surgery.

Zeiss IOL Master 700

The Zeiss IOL Master 700 is is the very latest, world class technology used primarily for non-laser vision correction procedures. With the Pentacam, it allows us to measure your eyes more accurately than ever before, so that we can precisely fit the right lens during your cataract and RLE surgery, and offer the best visual outcome.

Advanced Wavefront LASIK technology

Laser eye surgery has come a long way since surgeons first offered it as a vision correction procedure. Nowadays, the most advanced vision correction procedures are totally blade-free and 100% customised to your eyes – offering you the best possible visual results.

At Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons, we use world-class wavefront optimized, customized LASIK technology. It’s a fast and virtually painless combination of two ultra-precise, computer-guided lasers that custom-correct your vision.

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